Hardesty - My Platform

Right To Life:

All people have a right to life, and it is important that we stand united with our allies in other states. There is a huge cry for change and we can make a change to stop infanticide in the United States if we do our part in this fight at our state level. In 2024 I believe the direction of the federal government as well as the judicial branch, particularly the decisions made by the supreme court on Roe v Wade will be directly affected by the state level politics. Republicans have started the fight to save lives passing more legislation in 2021 to save lives than any year since 1973.

Health Freedom:

In Wyoming, Elderly people have been imprisoned in retirement homes and hospitals, locked away from their families as if a criminal. People abused their position of authority to shut down business and attack churches. Religious leaders still are sometimes prevented from visiting retirement homes, hospitals, jails and prisons. People abused their positions of power to scare people away from attending church. Our children were denied education and socialization. Privacy is something that is important to me and no one is allowed in my doctors office except me and my doctor. For 2 years 2020-2022 Wyoming allowed its peoples 1st, 4th, 5th, 14th amendments to be violated. This must never happen again.

Parents Rights:

I have seen parents horrified about what is happening in Gillette, Laramie, Natrona, Sheridan, and Jackson. These parents need our help. This is our state and as a democratic republic we have the right to be governed by the people for the people. We as the people have a right to say how we want to be governed in our state. If we cede these rights and abandon our allies we are guilty of neglect and will also succumb to the same problems here in Star Valley. We have a right not only to choose how we are governed but to protect our rights as parents. Parents in our state want and need our help.