My Biography

Hardesty grew up speaking 3 languages, Ukrainian, Russian and English in Kyiv, Ukraine as a toddler for 5 years helping with humanitarian aid and his fathers church, immediately after the Soviet Union fell. At 15 years old he started teaching toddlers, ages 3-5 years, Taekwondo.

Hardesty was extremely unhappy with the current programs available to parents in the area. Some were comparable to baby sitting and some were overly structured and disciplined.

At 16 Hardesty began his own program. Wrote a structured curriculum, with cycles, brochures, goals, and requirements for students and teachers. Created a 1 assistant instructor per 5 students system, traveled to various locations to advertise, designed advertisements, found suitable instructors, and held leadership classes for his teachers. Hardesty worked in a female-dominated industry with adult females.

At 17 he became a professional cage fighter and fought twice professionally. Graduated High School with a 3.9 GPA and was class Valedictorian.

At 18 Attended college with full scholarships.

Joined United States Marine Corps at 19 years old serving from 2011-2016. Went to Afghanistan from 2018-2020 to provide security, and learned how to speak some Dari while in Afghanistan and did not need an interpreter except for rare occasions.

Currently Hardesty's two hobbies are learning about finances and history. Hardesty's goals are to have a paid off house and self funded retirement by age 40. Get married and have children and be the best dad ever.