Issues to be discussed

Save Our Libraries:

We all have seen groomers attack Florida's "wait before 8 bill" which stops kindergarteners from being sexualized in taxpayer funded schools. We have heard parents begging for help in this war on children, especially in Gillette, Laramie, Natrona, Sheridan and Jackson.

When our Legislators attempted to ban CRT, a very heated debate ensued, while one of our own, Representative Simpson, was silent. Unfortunately, not enough people spoke to sway the fence sitters and the bill died.

Again another bill banning boys joining girls teams in schools, failed when one of our own, Representative Simpson voted against Wyoming girls.

I am horrified and heartbroken to announce that due to our legislators inability to protect children, the war has now come here to Lincoln County. Our Public Librarians have misused our taxpayer dollars to hurt our children. This is evil. There is a book, Sex is a Funny Word, written for 8-10 year olds. In this so-called children's comic book, there are drawings of child private parts, gender confusing text, coaching children to feel comfortable being touched and naked - specifically being okay with having their anus touched, sexual topics and pictures including masturbation, incest, gender dysphoria, and sexual acts against the norm. This book is currently in the Kemmerer Library.

According to a local librarian an 8 year old could go into the library and check this book out at any Lincoln County library, without a parent. Besides this book, there are many other books, some worse, available to check out on the taxpayer-funded Lincoln County Library's website available from the eBook version. Everyone is very upset after property tax notices were sent. The increases were especially brutal when combined with our crushed economy. Our Lincoln County Library leadership has some explaining to do on why they have stolen our tax dollars, misusing them to hurt our children.

Right to Life:

On every issue on the Republican party, there is one issue that speaks against the murder of 62 million babies. This is the least extreme issue that is supported by science and logic. 50 years ago 7 old white dudes, that it appears viewed women as some sort of strange masturbation device, voted in favor of legalized murder of the most defenseless people possible, which was sexist. Convincing young women to ignore science and allow their bodies to be violated, to allow someone to commit murder inside of their womb, is horrifying, degrading and harmful to a woman for the rest of her life. Most importantly, to stop a pregnancy requires ending a human life. Infanticide is unconstitutional as it denies a person life. Many things can happen over time and I am uncertain where I will be 50 years in the future. One thing is certain, I want to have a clean conscience when my children ask about the darkest time of our nation when 62 million babies were murdered. I do not hate babies and no one should.

Health Freedom:

For Health Freedom. I stand against vaccine identification, forced mandates, and segregation of people in the “good of public safety”. No entity or person has the right to abuse their position of authority to take freedoms from another. Any form of abusing a position of authority to deny or segregate people from enacting their right to buy or sell goods, to receive income, to attend school, or to practice their religion is morally wrong and should be protected by the people elected into power. We are a free state and a free country.

Parents Rights:

Children have the right to receive education that is not corrupted. Education is meant to educate children. Any official teaching children needs to be accountable to parents. We need to protect our children. Children are meant to be raised by their parents. School is meant to teach our children. Children are not to be used as tools from teachers unions and politicians to expand radical beliefs.

1st Amendment:

Any attempt to break the first amendment is an attempt to control thought. Speaking, writing, practicing religious rights, peaceful assembly. These are never oppressed unless the oppressor is attempting to control thought and this is absurd. No one has the right to attack our God given, unalienable rights.


A promise between a man and a woman, made to the public, each other, and their God to become life partners as one mind and team. Uniting all aspects of life, economically, emotionally and spiritually with the purpose of procreation and nurturing offspring. Any other definition is simply a contract and is not marriage, it does not provide a benefit to the growth of society. Pleasure based sex is not a lifestyle or “identity”. It is not the government's job to actively discourage having children or harm the most common and oldest institution in our nation, and the world, for thousands of years.


Taxation should not hinder the growth of the free market or capitalism. I stand against the upcoming fuel tax and now more than ever any taxes should be voted against. We need to recover from the artificial economic coma that was created by bureaucrats in the “name of public health”. Tax breaks are meant to encourage married men and women to have children, employ people, provide housing for others, and give to charity. I feel the current property tax structure punishes property owners and is unfair and unequal. Our federal government is in an unsustainable debt. According to economists the economy enters a recession every 9 years. We need to reward people for paying off and owning their home through tax breaks. This is a stable decision that should be encouraged. Renters provide housing and people on the left want the government to provide affordable housing. I support lowering the tax burden on home owners and renters to lower costs of living. No New Taxes!!!

Gun Rights:

I believe the founding fathers had it correct when the bill of rights was created. We should pass more legislation to protect our second amendment rights. I would seek to make our current SAPA law stronger, make stronger laws against gun free zones, add legislation that would entice manufacturers to move to Wyoming, add legislation that would not just protect owners but the distributors, retailers and manufacturers. Lastly I would attempt to take existing law in Wyoming statute 6-8-404. This basically states weapons made in Wyoming stamped with a "Made in Wyoming" stamp would be exempt from firearms regulations because it was made within the borders of Wyoming and remains exclusively within the borders of Wyoming. I would seek to amend the existing statute to include "made in Idaho", "made in Utah" and "made in Montana". The second amendment is for collecting, hunting, self defense and a last resort against tyrannical government.

Global Warming:

There is a minority of "doomsdayers" that claim the world will end in 2030 or some other weird date so you need to do as they say. This goes against science and history. I do not support using power to oppress people in the name of global warming. One of the first sources of energy for our country was whale oil. This helped us to grow as a nation and spurred the industrial revolution and helped us become a prosperous nation that gives and is charitable. I believe we should learn from history and support our free market system that encourages better cost effective, environmentally cleaner, and more efficient forms of energy. I support our capitalist system that encourages growth, research and innovation. I support deregulating and lowering taxes on private business so it can grow properly.

Freedom and Government:

Government's job is to be the voice of the people, to be feared by the people to be an extension of their will. To be their voice. Politics at the dinner table is a good example. I have a family of all different political opinions and ideas and backgrounds. We all get along. We love each other and don't really talk about politics. Congress is a place where debate, opinions and thought should be argued, debated and voiced. I tend to think of my friends as friends and I love them. I think on the political floor one of the marine corps leadership traits comes into mind’ “take care of the troops”. We need bold people who will voice our concerns, challenging politicians who may forget the people they represent. We need the unwanted person at the dinner table. Someone who feels a strong moral conviction to make sure we are spoken for. We want this so we can eat at our dinner table in peace without fears, worries and concerns.

I promise to fight for our values, principles and way of life. I promise to be unafraid of confrontation when I am required to stand and say “no this is not in our best interests”. Any bully, stronger power, or unchecked authority trying to violate our rights in the constitution and state constitution should not violate their position to hurt the people. I pledge to not sit and derelict my duty to speak for what we believe and stand for. I promise not to lay in comfort while the people I work for ask for help. I will conserve our right to pursuit of liberty when any of the following - Politicians admired by other politicians in a strange high school click, media, a corrupt business seeking to violate our freedoms, a school board, federal school money with strings attached, teachers unions, or any bully who wishes to flex power attempt oppress the people and deny them their right to pursuit of liberty.

I pledge to speak when it is uncomfortable and to vote for freedom without allowing peer pressure, confrontation or unpopularity sway my vote when it comes to the voice of the people.


For legal Immigration. I believe in a strong country with borders in which the people have a right to decide who enters their borders. To immigrate people must be vetted and go through the process. Anyone illegally immigrating does not respect our laws, culture, customs, opinions, values, or our country. I also believe asylum needs to be used for the right reasons, fleeing extreme political or religious persecution and imminent death.


I prefer tariffs over taxes. Our taxes are too high and our budget is not low enough. Tax breaks for married people, children, people who house and employ people. I am against death tax, inheritance tax and gift tax. I prefer a flat tax in cases where no tax is non optional. I prefer a competitive free market competing to hire new employees. I am against bailouts because they use tax dollars to reward failing business, bad behavior and bad budgeting. It has an effect on income and the growth of successful business that we prefer. Our money spent should fuel our capitalist machine. I also believe the lack of a negative view of debt and lack of financial education in schools directly affect our income. I believe wages are better grown through the government not fidgeting with inflation and capitalism. I also think politicians not understanding basic finance principles affects our economy.

Death Penalty:

Support. It is not a legislator's job to attack one of the tools a judge may or may not use to keep society safe.

Government Spending:

I believe it is important for the government to be fiscally responsible. It is their duty. Wyoming should be held to the same accountability we hold to ourselves. In a time of crisis Wyoming should be able to pay its bills and afford to serve the people. The government should be living within its means and also have money set aside for a rainy day because their decisions impact us. It should not create taxes that hinder growth of the economy because this hurts everyone.

Government Size:

I believe in a limited, small, constitutional bound government. I believe in free market capitalism and most jobs can be done better, and more efficiently as a private business.

Government Healthcare:

I support private healthcare that is produced by private businesses competing to produce the best services at lowest costs for the user. I support charities that do not have funds fiddled with and mismanaged by government bureaucrats at the cost of taxpayer dollars.


Against Drugs. They do not have a place in our society. They fund criminal organizations and our enemies to fight us in wars, human trafficking. Drug use tears at the moral fabric of our society, is against our culture and discourages core principles necessary for our country's success. It causes depression and prohibits economic growth. A sedated and unaware society cannot grow.

Private Property Rights:


Energy Independence:

We are the number 1 energy producer in the United States. We sell energy to other states like California without any benefit to the taxpayer. At the same time we tax ourselves for the energy we use. This is backwards. It is important we deregulate energy production, reduce the taxes and shift the burden on Wyomingites to the states who purchase energy from us. Charging a fair share could go off of our property tax, energy tax, or even go straight to the people in dividends. Passing legislation to deregulate energy would be beneficial to all Wyomingites because our state is an energy state.

Return Wyoming Land to Wyoming:

48% of Wyoming's land is not owned by Wyoming, but by the federal government. 74% of Lincoln county is owned by the federal government. 62% of our subsurface mineral estate is owned by the federal government. This is a problem that needs to be solved.


The United States Constitution and the Wyoming State Constitution are the most important parts of our government.

ESG Scores:

I am against social credit scores and do not believe companies should be rewarded for punishing successful business using ESG scores over other financial metrics. This is an attack not just on our values but hurts investors, our retirements, and business. If elected I will always vote to demand the best possible return on the states investments, regardless of ESG scores.